Cher at Wells Fargo Arena

Cher Tickets

Wells Fargo Arena | Des Moines,, Iowa

Be prepared when one of the most incredible artists returns to Des Moines, Iowa to bring Cher to the iconic Wells Fargo Arena stage on Thursday 16th April 2020. This awe-inspiring performance will be the culmination of five-star pop talent which should not be missed! Fans of the genre already know that Cher are some of the hottest performers around and have a history of playing to capacity crowds all over the country. That’s why your last opportunity to see this awe-inspiring performance this April is only here in Des Moines and only on the Wells Fargo Arena stage. If you don’t want to miss out, then click that Buy Tickets button now!

Cher at Wells Fargo Arena

What would be the biggest reason for fans to adore live gigs as much as they do? We’d say its the outstanding atmosphere! From the instant you set foot at the venue, through the waiting in line discussing how amazing the gig will be with fellow fans, to the moment you take your spot and breathlessly wait for the light to dim down, there is so much energy and thrill going around that the air is buzzing. It makes it even more dramatic when you know that everyone is there for the same reason you are: because of your love of Cher. Hearing hundreds, or thousands, of voices screaming and singing along with you to every tune and seeing the glow of thousands of flashlights held up the venue are sights and sounds that will send chills down your spine and give you goosebumps. All of this of a concert leaves no room for any other emotion other than excitement and happiness. And all of this is just one click away from being yours.

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