Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush at Wells Fargo Arena

Disturbed Tickets

Wells Fargo Arena - IA | Des Moines, Iowa


Deadly hits are about to strew across Des Moines! Hardcore metal enthusiasts follow suit because Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush is set to rock live at the Wells Fargo Arena on Thursday 25th January 2024. Every single person will be fully absorbed by this live concert that is the pinnacle of this iconic bands highly anticipated tour launching this winter and spanning the entire January. This extreme act will display the heavy metal collective famous for their chart-topping hits and outstanding stage presence for the past generation. On this wild eve of metal frenzies, brace for impact as Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush unleashes their ferocious tracklist, which includes a selection of their newest tracks stemming from their recent record. Endorsed as one of history's supreme metal artists, they will promise an intense time! Forge ahead to the renowned Wells Fargo Arena, and bask in the blazing rock concert in all of Iowa! Speed up, as tickets are disappearing quickly! Rule the crowd and ensure you're part of the action by reserving your spots now!

Are you free in the evening of Thursday 25th January 2024? Then why not make it bassy and raving! The top venue of Des Moines and the surroundings - Wells Fargo Arena, is definitely preparing something special by adding the one and only Disturbed, Falling In Reverse & Plush to their program. The smashing band makes a stop in Des Moines, Iowa as part of their country tour, and the show will be as legendary as it sounds. Of course, A-star artists deserve an A-star host, and that’s where Wells Fargo Arena steps in. With its top-class sound system, fully loaded bar, wide open space to start your own pit (we know you love it), and the convenient parking lot nearby the popular venue ensures nothing but the ultimate experience for its guests. So come on, join them on a night to remember for life by booking your seat now!

Disturbed at Wells Fargo Arena - IA

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