Paul McCartney at Wells Fargo Arena

Paul McCartney Tickets

Wells Fargo Arena | Des Moines,, Iowa

What's better than being part of a crowd, chanting, singing and swaying along to all of your favorite and the most legendary music of all time?! The one and only, Paul McCartney is coming to Wells Fargo Arena on Friday 21st July 2017 and you can be there!

Come and enjoy all of his classic material that includes the unforgettable songs; "Yesterday" "Let It Be" "Ebony and Ivory" and of course "Hey Jude" plus many many more! This once in a lifetime experience might not come around again so whatever you do – don't wait long! Book your tickets today while you still can and head on down for a night that will stay in your heart forever. Paul McCartney at Wells Fargo Arena

The Grammy Award winning, Rock and Roll Famer and generally talented, Paul McCartney will be traveling across North America to showcase all of his best material – if you love his music, then whatever you do, be sure to make this a must-see, must-experience!
With his incredible and iconic career, Paul McCartney really doesn't need the introduction… as a former member of possibly the biggest and most popular bands of the entire music history, of course, The Beatles – he showed his talent for songwriting and was the man behind top hit songs that will never ever fade away…

Come and show your support, love and dedication to all that he has achieved by catching him live at a venue near you this summer time, 2017 is bound to be yet another great tour!

Paul McCartney at Wells Fargo Arena

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