Pink, The Script & KidCutUp at Wells Fargo Arena

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Wells Fargo Arena - IA | Des Moines, Iowa


Don't miss your chance to experience a spectacular night of pop and rock at the Wells Fargo Arena on Thursday, 24th October 2024 as Pink's "Summer Carnival 2024 tour" comes to Iowa! Join us in Des Moines, Iowa for an exhilarating performance featuring the popular Pink, the appealing band The Script and the exciting DJ KidCutUp.

Pink, known for her mighty vocals in hits like "Just Give Me a Reason" and "What About Us", will deliver an exceptional show full of energy and emotion. Her Summer Carnival Tour has been gripping audiences across the globe, reaffirming her status as a global pop icon.

The Script, famed for their chart-topping songs "Hall of Fame" and "The Man Who Can't Be Moved", bring their soulful musical expertise to the stage, creating an atmosphere.

Adding to the night’s excitement, acclaimed DJ KidCutUp will keep the crowd alive with his engaging mixes and outstanding beats. Tickets start from just $168. Reserve your space now by clicking the 'buy tickets' button.

Summer Carnival 2024 Tour

Do not miss the chance to see Pink, The Script and KidCutUp live at Wells Fargo Arena on Thursday, October 24, 2024. The night promises an extraordinary experience with a lineup of world-class talent. Fans can anticipate a combination of top-charting hits, alluring performances and exhilarating stage presence from all involved.


Pink, a 3 time Grammy award winning artist, considered one of the best performers of our time! She will headline this spectacular "Summer Carnival" concert. Recently, she postponed her Tacoma, Washington concerts due to a family medical issue, demonstrating her commitment to personal matters. Fans will be elated to hear favorites like "So What" and "Who Knew". Her most recent album, "TRUSTFALL", has done anything but fall!

The Script

The Script will bring their unique mix of tunes and high-energy choruses to the stage. known for their hits like "Breakeven" and "Hall of Fame", their performance will be filled with emotionally charged music that resounds. As special guests for Pink’s Summer Carnival Tour, The Script has earned huge popularity and recognition, making them an essential part of this event.


Starting the night will be the lively DJ KidCutUp, adding his unique mix and excellent energy to the lineup. As a regular on Pink's tours, KidCutUp has established himself as a crowd favorite. His social media following of 52K speaks volumes about his popularity and influence in the music industry.

Wells Fargo Arena Information

Located in downtown Des Moines, Iowa, Wells Fargo Arena is a state-of-the-art venue that has hosted numerous premier events. The arena, part of the Iowa Events Center, offers a seating capacity of 17,000, ensuring an expansive yet friendly music experience. Recently, the arena underwent a $1.4 million exterior lighting upgrade! As the home to the Iowa Wolves, the arena is well-versed in providing excellent experiences for concert goers at massive events. For more details, contact Wells Fargo Arena directly.

Ticket Information

Tickets are available starting at $168, making this must-see concert accessible to many fans. To ensure a safe and reliable purchase, get your tickets exclusively from Ticket Squeeze. Be sure to click the "buy tickets" button to grab your place.

Pink at Wells Fargo Arena - IA

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